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Amarre Haitiano

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Introducing Amarre Haitiano, also known as the Haitian Tie, a powerful elixir used to ensure unwavering commitment from your desired partner. This potent formula is designed to keep your lover devoted to you and only you.

To utilize Amarre Haitiano effectively, write the name of the person you wish to be bound to on the provided parchment paper. Insert the paper into the jar containing the elixir, ensuring it is secure. Shake the jar vigorously, allowing the energies to intertwine. Finally, read the included prayer, channeling your intentions and desires.

Each bottle of Amarre Haitiano contains 2 oz of this potent elixir, enabling you to harness its transformative power. Embrace the influence of Amarre Haitiano and establish an unbreakable bond of devotion with your lover.

Amarre Haitiano
Amarre Haitiano Sale price$9.95