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Best price Mint Extract Menthol

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  • Menthol crystals from natural peppermint leaf extract essential oil,room temperature showing crystal body, no other artificial ingredients, 100% natural,rest assured that the use of
  • Apply menthol oil to feel cool and cold, breathe smoothly, relieve nasal congestion and make you more energetic
  • Doing personal sauna spa treatment at home, adding menthol in the shower or steam room can help relieve respiratory inflammation and can effectively relieve your pain and discomfort
  • It blends effectively and perfectly with basil, eucalyptus oil,geranium,grapefruit, chamomile,lavender, rose,ylang-ylang, cinnamon,sandalwood,clove,jasmine, freesia, cinnamon, lemongrass,myrrh, pine, rosemary oil, rosemary, tea tree oil, vanilla and other aromatherapy oils。
  • Menthol can be used in cosmetics, lotions, shampoo ointment,balm,foot spray, candles, soap making and other craft products。
Best price Mint Extract Menthol botanica21division
Best price Mint Extract Menthol Sale price$65.00