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Come To Me (Ven A Mi) Oil

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Come To Me (Ven A Mi) Oil is a blend of oils and herbs used to attract the interest and love of someone you desire. It is believed to strengthen the passion in existing relationships, increase loyalty and commitment in marriage, and enhance the effectiveness of love and attraction spells. This oil is a powerful tool for those seeking to manifest love and deepen their romantic connections.

  • Available in 6 sizes

Come To Me Oil can be used in various ways to attract and enhance love and passion in relationships. One can apply it to their altar before performing any love or attraction ritual, wear it on their body like perfume, or add a few drops to the Come to Me 7 Day Prayer Candle to increase its potency. Another way to use the oil is by creating a Bind a Lover Mojo Bag with a photograph of the desired lover and a red magnetic lodestone, anointing it with the oil, and placing it under the mattress where one sleeps. Additionally, the oil can be used in an Attraction Candle Spell with a Pink Face To Face Lovers Candle, by anointing it with the oil, writing a request on parchment paper, and placing it under the candle before lighting it and reciting a prayer. An example prayer is: "Dear universe, I call upon the power of manifestation and attraction to bring my heart's desires to me with ease and grace. I am worthy and deserving of all that I seek, and I open myself to abundance and prosperity in all forms. Please bring to me what I desire quickly and abundantly. So be it."

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Come To Me (Ven A Mi) Oil Sale price$7.95