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Elegua Incense Powder

Sale price$9.95

Embrace the protective presence of Elegua with our Elegua Incense Powder, a sacred blend crafted to accompany you on new journeys. Ignite the transformative essence of our self-lighting incense powder, invoking the watchful gaze of Elegua to safeguard your path as you venture into uncharted territories. Whether embarking on new endeavors or facing unfamiliar challenges, let the aromatic smoke of Elegua create a shield of protection around you. Available in 2oz cans, 1/2lb bags, or 1lb bags, our Elegua Incense Powder serves as your steadfast companion, guiding and protecting you as you navigate the winding roads of life.

Elegua Incense Powder
Elegua Incense Powder Sale price$9.95