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Fast Luck Incense Stick 10 1/2"

Sale price$10.95

Harness the power of fast luck with our 10 1/2-inch Fast Luck Incense Sticks. Infuse your home or apartment with the essence of good fortune and prosperity by burning these sticks. Whether you seek luck in games of chance, business endeavors, or matters of the heart, our Fast Luck Incense Sticks are designed to swiftly turn the tide in your favor. They work to dispel any curses or negative energies that may hinder your prosperity, clearing the path for abundance to flow freely into your life.

Each stick offers approximately 30 minutes of burn time, and there are 100 hand-dipped incense sticks per pack. These sticks not only attract luck, good fortune, and prosperity but also serve as aids in meditation and prayer rituals.

As for the number of incense sticks required for good luck, various cultural and religious traditions offer different recommendations. In Feng Shui, burning three sticks is believed to invite good luck, while multiples of six can attract wealth and prosperity. In Hinduism, burning three sticks holds significance, representing the Hindu Trinity and auspiciousness.

Fast Luck Incense Stick 10 1/2"
Fast Luck Incense Stick 10 1/2" Sale price$10.95