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Female Image Candle Green

Sale price$9.99

The green woman candle is a valuable tool for those seeking to enhance their prosperity, attract wealth, and promote spiritual growth. This candle is perfect for use in candle magic practices, as well as in sympathetic magic, where it can be used to represent the feminine aspect of abundance and growth.

To make the most of this candle's powers, you can anoint it with our Prosperity Oil, which can help to boost its energy and effectiveness. You may also want to write or carve your intentions and goals onto the surface of the candle, focusing on your desires for prosperity, abundance, and spiritual growth.

Whether you are seeking financial success, personal growth, or a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, the green woman candle can be a valuable asset in your magical arsenal.

Female Image Candle Green Check My Vibes
Female Image Candle Green Sale price$9.99