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Francisca Statue 6"

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The 6-inch Francisca Statue embodies the powerful spiritual presence of a revered Mambo from the Dominican Republic. Paired with her lifelong partner Francisco, these folk-spirits are revered in Espiritismo and Santeria practices.

Francisca, a respected Vodou priestess, shared an inseparable bond with Francisco from a young age until their passing. Their statues are always depicted together, symbolizing their unbreakable connection and spiritual partnership.

Devotees evoke Francisca and Francisco for assistance with love matters and seek their blessings for general good luck, abundance, and protection. Their relationship serves as a cherished symbol of enduring love and spirituality.

To honor Francisca and Francisco, offerings such as rum, incense, cigars, fresh flowers, and candles are traditionally presented. By invoking their wisdom and power, practitioners can enrich their spiritual work and seek guidance in various aspects of life.