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Frankincense Incense Stick 19"

Sale price$12.95

Elevate your home with the sublime essence of our 19" Frankincense Incense Sticks. Infused with a sweet and serene fragrance, these incense sticks are a delightful addition to any space, filling it with tranquility and peace.

Traditionally employed upon the altar, Frankincense incense serves as a potent aid in spells of protection, creating a shield of spiritual fortitude around you. Furthermore, its sacred aroma makes it an excellent companion in meditation, assisting in the exploration of astral and spiritual realms while imbuing you with inner strength.

Handcrafted with meticulous care and crafted from the highest quality materials, these charcoal-based incense sticks enhance the ambiance of your home and enrich your favorite spells and rituals.

Measuring 19" in length, each stick offers an extended burn time of approximately 3 hours, allowing you to bask in the soothing fragrance for an extended period.

With 25 hand-dipped incense sticks per pack, immerse yourself in the divine essence of Frankincense as you embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and protection.

Frankincense Incense Stick 19"
Frankincense Incense Stick 19" Sale price$12.95