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Gypsy/La Gitana Statue 10"

Sale price$79.95

Experience the profound feminine energy of the Gypsy/La Gitana Statue, standing tall at 10 inches. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Haitian Vodou and its diverse branches like the Dominican 21 Division, Puerto Rican Sanse, or New Orleans Voodoo, this statue embodies empowerment for women in all its forms.

Within our sacred rites, women are revered as equals, possessing strength, importance, and oftentimes, surpassing the power of their male counterparts. This reverence for feminine power is palpable in the Lua and Spirits we honor.

Crafted from durable resin and standing at 12 inches, this exquisite statue of the Gypsy/La Gitana comes with a removable crystal ball, adding a touch of mystique to any sacred space. Embrace the divine feminine and invite the energy of empowerment into your spiritual practice with this stunning statue.

Gypsy/La Gitana Statue 10"
Gypsy/La Gitana Statue 10" Sale price$79.95