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Hematite Adjustable Bracelet

Sale price$19.95

Embrace the ancient wisdom and healing properties of our Hematite Adjustable Bracelet, a sacred talisman for vitality and well-being. Hematite, also known as Bloodstone, holds a rich history, believed to produce a red fluid when mixed with water, akin to sacred blood in ancient traditions. This powerful stone is revered for its ability to alleviate high blood pressure, muscle cramps, and ulcers, offering relief from menstrual difficulties, anemia, and various blood conditions.

Each bracelet is adorned with beautiful round bead hematite stones, approximately 10mm in diameter, polished to perfection. Crafted on a stretchy cord, the bracelet measures approximately 7" to 8", ensuring a comfortable fit for all. Embrace the transformative energy of hematite as it harmonizes your body, mind, and spirit, guiding you towards a life of vitality and balance.

Hematite Adjustable Bracelet
Hematite Adjustable Bracelet Sale price$19.95