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High John The Conqueror Oil

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High John the Conqueror oil is a traditional hoodoo oil that originates from African American folklore. It is believed to have potent properties that attract good luck, prosperity, and success. The name "High John" comes from the legendary figure of John the Conqueror, a West African king who was said to be indestructible and unbeatable.

To make the oil, various herbs, roots, and spices known for their spiritual properties, such as John the Conqueror root, patchouli, and cinnamon, are infused with a base oil like almond or jojoba oil for several weeks. This results in a dark, aromatic oil with a warm and spicy scent.

High John the Conqueror oil is commonly used in spells and rituals to bring good fortune, increase personal power, and overcome obstacles. It is also believed to boost confidence, attract love and money, and protect against negative energies. The oil can be worn as a personal fragrance, added to candles, or used to anoint talismans and amulets.

In summary, High John the Conqueror oil is a versatile and popular tool in hoodoo and folk magic practices, suitable for those seeking good luck, success, or a confidence boost. It is available in six sizes.

The oil can be used in different ways, including wearing it as a personal fragrance, anointing talismans and amulets, adding it to candles, using it in bath rituals, and blessing homes. It can also be used to draw good luck and success, or for luck in gambling.

A prayer to High John the Conqueror can be recited to ask for guidance, protection, strength, courage, wisdom, success, prosperity, and happiness.

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High John The Conqueror Oil Sale price$7.95