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Holy Oil

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Holy oil is a powerful and sacred blend of pure essential oils, herbs, and other sacred ingredients that have been used for centuries in spiritual practices and religious ceremonies. It carries the energy of divine blessings and protection, and can be used to deepen your connection with the divine and align your energy with the power of the universe.

There are several ways to use holy oil in your spiritual practice, such as anointing yourself or your sacred objects, using it in rituals or cleansing practices, blessing your space or objects, or incorporating it into healing rituals. When using holy oil, it's important to set your intentions and focus your energy on what you want to manifest. This oil can help you to release negative energy, promote spiritual protection, and invite positive blessings into your life.

As you use this sacred oil, you may feel a sense of spiritual protection and a strengthening of your intuition. It can help you to connect with the divine and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Remember to always use holy oil with respect and reverence for its sacred energy, allowing it to deepen your spiritual practice and invite divine blessings into your life.

  • Available in 6 sizes.
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Holy Oil Sale price$7.95