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Law Stay Away Oil

Sale price$7.95

Law Stay Away Oil is a potent magical tool that can be used to create a barrier between you and legal troubles. This handmade oil is specially formulated to keep the law at bay and prevent legal problems from entering your life.

To use Law Stay Away Oil, simply apply a few drops on your body, clothing, or personal belongings to create a protective shield against legal issues. Alternatively, you can use it to anoint a 7 Day Law Stay Away Candle, which will help amplify its protective energy.

Whether you're facing a legal battle or simply want to avoid any unwanted encounters with the law, Law Stay Away Oil can be a powerful ally. Its protective properties make it a must-have for anyone who wants to keep the long arm of the law at a safe distance.

  • Available in 6 sizes.
Law Stay Away Oil Check My Vibes
Law Stay Away Oil Sale price$7.95