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Lucky 7 Bracelet

Sale price$19.95

Our Lucky 7 Bracelet combines the powerful properties of seven distinct gemstones to bring forth an array of blessings and protections:

This ensemble features Ruby, known for its protective qualities during travel; Green Onyx, which attracts prosperity and abundance; Cape Amethyst, fostering harmony and reconciliation in relationships; Dumortierite, emitting ultrasonic waves to draw loved ones back home each night; Poppy Jasper, serving as a vigilant warning system against impending danger; Goldstone, renowned for its ability to dispel misfortune and enhance luck in various endeavors; and Tree Agate, stimulating mental clarity to discover lucrative career opportunities.

Crafted in luxurious 14K Gold Plated, this bracelet is designed for both men and women, with an adjustable size ensuring a perfect fit for all.

Lucky 7 Bracelet
Lucky 7 Bracelet Sale price$19.95