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Most Powerful Hand Statue 12"

Sale price$119.95

Introducing the 12-inch Most Powerful Hand Statue, a revered symbol in Roman Catholic tradition. The Powerful Hand, or Mano Poderosa in Spanish, depicts the right hand of God with fingers and thumb stretched upright, with the palm displaying stigmata facing the viewer.

At the top of the four fingers stand figures representing St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and her parents, St. Joachim and St. Anne. Additionally, the Christ Child is depicted on the thumb.

This statue serves as a powerful representation of divine protection and blessings, inviting devotees to seek the intercession of the holy figures depicted. Display it in your home or sacred space as a source of spiritual strength and guidance.

Most Powerful Hand Statue 12"
Most Powerful Hand Statue 12" Sale price$119.95