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Myrrh Incense Cones

Sale price$8.95

Elevate your space with the timeless allure of Myrrh through our Myrrh Incense Cones. Infused with its classic scent, these cones are a cherished addition to any home, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility and reverence.

Myrrh holds mystical qualities that make it ideal for meditation and ritual use. Whether placed upon the altar or burned during spells, its aromatic essence enhances practices of healing and hex-breaking, empowering spiritual journeys with its sacred presence.

Each bag contains 20 cones, ensuring an abundance of Myrrh-scented enchantment to enrich your rituals and meditation sessions, while bringing a sense of ancient wisdom into your space.

Myrrh Incense Cones
Myrrh Incense Cones Sale price$8.95