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Opium Oil

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Our Opium oil has a potent fragrance that can transport one to the realm of the mysterious and hidden. This oil can be used in various ways to enhance one's awareness and deepen their ability to explore the hidden worlds around them.

Opium oil can be used by itself to open one's senses to the mysteries of the world or as an addition to a ritual or spell to intensify its potency. The fragrance of Opium oil is believed to enhance one's ability to seek out and explore the unknown and is considered a useful tool in spiritual practices.

Opium oil can also be used to aid in self-exploration and personal growth. The deep, hypnotic scent of this oil can help one connect with their inner self and gain a better understanding of their subconscious mind.

It's essential to remember that Opium oil is for external use only and should be used with caution. As with any essential oil, it's necessary to dilute it before applying it to the skin and to test for any allergic reactions beforehand.

  • Available in 6 sizes.
Opium Oil Check My Vibes
Opium Oil Sale price$4.95