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Orisha Babalú-Ayé Statue 12"

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The 12" Babalú-Ayé statue honors the revered Orisha associated with infectious disease and healing. Named "Father, lord of the Earth," Babalú-Ayé's authority extends over earthly realms, including the body, wealth, and possessions.

In West African tradition, he's linked to epidemics like smallpox, leprosy, influenza, Ebola, and HIV/AIDS. Despite his association with illness, he possesses the power to cure afflictions, earning both fear and respect.

Revered yet feared, Babalú-Ayé is sometimes called the "Wrath of the supreme god," punishing transgressors. Out of respect and to avoid invoking epidemics, his name is often avoided.

Embrace the complex presence of the meticulously crafted 12" Babalú-Ayé statue, honoring his dual role as harbinger of disease and bestower of healing.

Orisha Babalú-Ayé Statue 12"
Orisha Babalú-Ayé Statue 12" Sale price$59.95