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Orisha Inle Statue 12"

Sale price$59.95

Introducing our 12" Orisha Inle Statue, a powerful representation of the divine guardian of health and healing. Inle, revered for his connection to the coastal regions where rivers and oceans converge, embodies the essence of medicinal wisdom and spiritual protection.

With attributes reminiscent of elegance and grace, Inle is often depicted in fine attire, symbolizing his patronage of diversity and acceptance, including the LGBTQ+ community. As a warrior and hunter, he safeguards against ailments and diseases, offering solace and restoration to those in need.

In nature, Inle is symbolized by the fish, representing his ability to cleanse and purify, banishing all forms of illness and negativity. Invite the divine presence of Inle into your sacred space and life, embracing his healing energy and protective embrace with our meticulously crafted 12" Orisha Inle Statue.

Orisha Inle Statue 12"
Orisha Inle Statue 12" Sale price$59.95