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Orisha Orula Statue 12"

Sale price$59.95

The Orisha Orula Statue, standing at 12" tall, captures the essence of the divine figure associated with wisdom and divination. Orula, the revered Orisha, holds sway over the realms of insight and foresight.

As the embodiment of Divination and Wisdom, Orula guides seekers through life's journey, offering profound insights and clarity. Crafted with meticulous detail, this resin statue serves as a powerful symbol of Orula's influence and guidance in spiritual practices.

Embrace the wisdom and enlightenment bestowed by Orisha Orula with this beautifully crafted 12" resin statue, honoring his role as the guardian of divination and wisdom.

Orisha Orula Statue 12"
Orisha Orula Statue 12" Sale price$59.95