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Orisha Orula Statue 7"

Sale price$59.95

Introducing our 7" resin statue capturing the essence of Orisha Orula, the esteemed guardian of divination and wisdom. Crafted with meticulous detail, this statue serves as a sacred symbol of Orula's profound influence in guiding and enlightening seekers.

Orula, revered for his mastery of divination, holds the keys to unlocking hidden truths and offering profound insights. As the patron of wisdom, he bestows clarity and foresight upon those who seek his counsel, guiding them along the paths of enlightenment and understanding.

Invite the presence of Orisha Orula into your spiritual practice and living space with our beautifully crafted 7" resin statue, honoring his divine essence as the harbinger of wisdom and the keeper of ancient knowledge.

Orisha Orula Statue 7"
Orisha Orula Statue 7" Sale price$59.95