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Orisha Oshun Statue 4.5"

Sale price$29.95

The 4.5-inch Orisha Oshun Statue pays homage to the beautiful and benevolent deity known as the Orisha of Love, Life, Marriage, Sex, and Money. Oshun holds a revered place in Yoruba and Afro-Caribbean traditions, embodying qualities of beauty, love, and abundance.

Display this statue with reverence, invoking the presence of Oshun to bring blessings of love, prosperity, and joy into your life. As the patroness of marriage, fertility, and wealth, Oshun offers guidance and blessings in matters of the heart and material abundance.

Orisha Oshun Statue 4.5"
Orisha Oshun Statue 4.5" Sale price$29.95