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Orisha Oshun Statue 8"

Sale price$44.95

Introducing the Orisha Oshun Statue, standing gracefully at 8 inches. Crafted from exquisite resin, this beautiful statue captures the essence of Oshun, the beloved deity known as the granter of wishes, the cultivator of love, and the bringer of joyous laughter.

Perfect for adorning your altar or enhancing the ambiance of your home or office, this intricately detailed statue radiates Oshun's warmth and benevolence. Invite her transformative energy into your life as you honor her with reverence and gratitude.

Embrace the blessings of abundance, love, and happiness that Oshun bestows, and let her presence illuminate your sacred space with her radiant light.

Orisha Oshun Statue 8"
Orisha Oshun Statue 8" Sale price$44.95