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Orisha Oya Statue 6"

Sale price$44.95

Presenting the Orisha Oya Statue, standing at a commanding 6 inches. Oya, the revered goddess of Storms and Winds, holds sway over nature's tempestuous forces, from gentle rainbows to roaring thunder.

Crafted from high-quality resin, this intricately detailed statue captures Oya's dynamic presence and divine power. Whether adorning your altar or sacred space, this statue serves as a potent symbol of Oya's authority and protection.

Invoke the strength and vitality of Oya into your life as you honor her with reverence and devotion, embracing her transformative energy and guidance in times of change and challenge.

Orisha Oya Statue 6"
Orisha Oya Statue 6" Sale price$44.95