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Orisha Shango Statue 13"

Sale price$79.95

Introducing our 13" Orisha Shango Statue, a testament to the rich legacy of this revered deity. Shango, also known as Chango, Sango, or Xango, hails from the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin, where he ascended to Orisha status following his earthly reign as the fourth king of the Yoruba Oyo Empire.

Celebrated as the god of thunder, drumming, dancing, fire, and male virility, Shango's vibrant spirit infuses rituals and celebrations with vitality. Renowned for his mastery of drumming, the thunder's rumble echoes his rhythmic beats, while his love for revelry is immortalized in dances that bear his name.

As the "King of Santeria," Shango commands respect and admiration, recognized for his potent sorcery and spellbinding strength. He stands as one of the four pillars of Santeria, alongside Oshun, Yemaya, and Obatala, playing a pivotal role in their rituals.

Shango's teachings emphasize the importance of balance, blending dominance with enjoyment. His passionate nature is reflected in his marriages to the Orisha goddesses Oya, Oshun, and Obba, underscoring his fervent love for life and love itself.

Embrace the dynamic energy and wisdom of Shango with our 13" Orisha Shango Statue, a cherished symbol of power, passion, and the harmonious pursuit of life's pleasures.

Orisha Shango Statue 13"
Orisha Shango Statue 13" Sale price$79.95