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Palo Santo Incense Stick

Sale price$8.95

Immerse yourself in the tranquil essence of Northern Peru with our Palo Santo Incense Sticks by Ispalla. Crafted in this revered region, these incense sticks infuse any space with a soothing and refreshing aroma that revitalizes the ambiance. Ideal for yoga, Reiki, or meditation practices, these sticks help to calm the mind and alleviate stress.

Made with premium quality resins, our incense sticks are completely free of any chemical additives, ensuring a pure and enjoyable experience. Sustainably harvested and eco-friendly, they are produced in collaboration with the communities of Northern Peru, honoring their traditions and livelihoods.

Renowned for their exceptional quality, our incense sticks undergo a meticulous selection process, choosing only herbs and woods with a high resin content. The packaging is adorned with Inca Peruvian art patterns, making it a visually stunning and culturally significant gift.

Rest assured, no trees are harmed in the production of our incense sticks. We only select wood from fallen trees, adhering to strict guidelines to prevent indiscriminate tree-cutting. By lighting an Ispalla incense, you not only savor the unique aroma of Peru but also contribute to conservation efforts.

Each pack contains 10 incense sticks, each one a testament to the natural beauty and rich heritage of Northern Peru.

Palo Santo Incense Stick
Palo Santo Incense Stick Sale price$8.95