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Papa Candelo White Pants 8"

Sale price$44.95

Discover the Papa Candelo White Pants 8" statue, a revered figure in Yoruba Santeria tradition. This meticulously crafted resin statue embodies the essence of Papa Candelo, one of the most beloved Luas.

Associated with the fire element and adorned in striking red pants, Papa Candelo exudes charm, joy, and attentiveness. As the brother of Candelina or Candlemas, integral to Catholic liturgy in San Carlos Borromeo, Papa Candelo symbolizes hopeless love and serves as a beacon of beauty and joviality.

On his feast day, November 3rd, devotees honor Papa Candelo by dressing in red attire and participating in masses, prayers, and cultural activities. Additionally, various meringues and bachata have been composed in his honor, celebrating his enduring influence.

Bring the essence of Papa Candelo into your spiritual space with this stunning statue, a testament to his timeless presence and significance in Santeria tradition.

Papa Candelo White Pants 8"
Papa Candelo White Pants 8" Sale price$44.95