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Pine Oil

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Our Pine Oil is infused with the essence of the tree it is named after, imbuing it with many of the same properties and powers found in the tree. Its sweet and earthy fragrance makes it a valuable addition to many Earth-based spells and rituals.

It is commonly used in spells and rituals that seek strength and grounding, drawing upon its earthy nature to find balance. Additionally, Pine Oil is often used in spells and rituals that aim to cleanse and remove negative influences from an object, person, or place.

Interestingly, some practitioners also use Pine Oil to represent the Element of Air, as its fragrance evokes images of wind blowing through a forest. Pine Oil is a popular choice for diffusers and anointing during the Yule celebration. However, it is for external use only.

  • Available in 6 sizes.
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Pine Oil Sale price$4.95