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Pomba Gira Statue 12"

Sale price$59.95

The Pomba Gira Statue, standing proudly at 12 inches, embodies the essence of feminine sexuality, beauty, and desire. While Exu represents male fertility and strength, Pomba Gira is revered for her insatiable allure and captivating presence.

Venerated with deep respect and caution due to her reputation for great wrath, Pomba Gira is often called upon by those seeking assistance in matters of the heart and love. With a complex persona, she is noted for her connection with women, as well as effeminate and transgender worshippers.

Crafted from durable resin, this statue portrays Pomba Gira's enigmatic nature, showcasing her various avatars and manifestations. Whether depicted as promiscuous, talkative, or vulgar, she holds sway over the hearts and desires of those who invoke her.

Invite the potent energy of Pomba Gira into your spiritual practice with this exquisite 12" Resin Statue, a symbol of empowerment, passion, and the mysteries of feminine energy.

Pomba Gira Statue 12"
Pomba Gira Statue 12" Sale price$59.95