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Reversible Custom Scented Candle

Sale price$10.95

Our Custom Scented Reversible Candle is a powerful tool that you can use to send negative energy back to the source it came from. When lighting this candle, the top section will burn first and eliminate any harmful influences or negativity that you may have been affected by.

The bottom section of the candle is intended to reverse the negative energy and send it back to the person or entity that sent it to you. By using this candle, you can protect yourself from any harm and turn the negative energy back to where it came from.

We take great care in preparing each of our 7 Day candles by hand, ensuring that they are made with the highest quality ingredients and with meticulous attention to detail.

Reversible Custom Scented Candle Check My Vibes
Reversible Custom Scented Candle Sale price$10.95