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Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Money (Black/Green)

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Introducing the Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Money, a powerful tool for purifying your space and attracting financial prosperity. This unique sage bundle features dual colors, with one side in black and the other in green, symbolizing the removal of negative energy and the invitation of wealth and abundance.


  • Dual-colored sage bundle: black on one side, green on the other.
  • Cleanses and energizes your space.
  • Removes negative energy and brings in financial abundance.
  • Approximately 4 inches long.

Harnessing the sacred properties of sage, this smudge stick offers a transformative ritual to enhance your environment with prosperity and abundance.

How To Use Our Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Money:

  1. Choose Your Goal: Clarify the purpose of your smudging session. Are you seeking to purify your space and attract financial prosperity?
  2. Activate the Sage: Tilt the sage bundle and ignite the black tip using a match or lighter. Wait a few seconds for the sage to emit smoke.
  3. Stimulate the Smoke Production: Blow gently on the lit embers to enhance smoke production. Alternatively, use a feather to fan and spread the smoke.
  4. Perform the Smudging: Walk through your area, holding the sage bundle in front of you. Focus on eliminating negative energies using the black end.
  5. Switch to Attracting Wealth: Once you've nearly finished burning the black part, continue with the green side to welcome financial abundance.
  6. Practice Safe Burning: Always use the sage over a fire-resistant surface or tray for safe smudging.
Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Money (Black/Green)
Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Money (Black/Green) Sale price$10.95