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Rue (Ruda) Smudge Stick

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Elevate the energy of your space and invite prosperity and good fortune into your life with our handmade Rue (Ruda) Smudge Stick. This potent herb has been revered for centuries for its ability to attract positive energy, love, and abundance, making it an essential tool for enhancing your spiritual practice and creating a harmonious environment.

How to Burn a Rue Smudge Stick:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Select a serene location for your smudging ceremony, ensuring adequate ventilation by opening windows or doors.
  2. Light the Smudge Stick: Ignite the end of the Rue Smudge Stick using a match or lighter, allowing it to catch fire. Hold the stick over a fireproof dish to capture any falling embers.
  3. Fan the Smoke: Use a feather, your hand, or a fan to guide the fragrant smoke towards yourself and the areas or objects you wish to purify. Focus on directing the smoke with intention and purpose.
  4. Set Your Intention: Infuse the smudging ritual with your desired outcome, whether it's attracting prosperity, inviting love, or fostering positive energy. Concentrate on your intention as you smudge.
  5. Move Through Your Space: Begin at the entrance of your home or room and proceed clockwise, allowing the smoke to permeate every corner and crevice. Smudge yourself, your pets, and any objects you wish to purify.
  6. Extinguish the Smudge Stick: Once you've completed smudging, carefully extinguish the Rue Smudge Stick by pressing it into a fireproof dish or sand. Avoid blowing out the smudge stick to prevent the dispersion of smoke and ash.
  7. Clean Up: Dispose of any ashes in a safe manner, ensuring they are fully extinguished before discarding.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Rue Smudge Stick and embrace the abundance and positivity it brings into your life. Invite harmony, prosperity, and love into your sacred space with this ancient and revered herb.

Rue (Ruda) Smudge Stick
Rue (Ruda) Smudge Stick Sale price$10.95