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Saint Elias Statue Red 24"

Sale price$169.95

The 24" Resin Saint Elias Statue in Red embodies the powerful presence of Saint Elias, also known as Baron Samedi or the Baron of the Cemetery. As the ruler of the cemetery, Saint Elias holds sway over matters of protection, destruction of enemies, removal of obstacles, reversal of evil works, and guidance for the departed.

Crafted with meticulous detail, this statue captures the essence of Saint Elias' authority and strength. The vibrant red color adds to the striking presence of this revered figure, symbolizing power, vitality, and protection.

Invite the blessings and guidance of Saint Elias into your spiritual practice with this exquisite red statue, a potent symbol of protection and transformation.

Saint Elias Statue Red 24"
Saint Elias Statue Red 24" Sale price$169.95