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Saint Martha Statue 12"

Sale price$69.95

This exquisite 12-inch resin statue captures the essence of Saint Martha, a revered figure in Christian tradition. Crafted with attention to detail, the statue portrays Saint Martha in a dignified pose, radiating her timeless grace and devotion.

Saint Martha is celebrated for her unwavering faith and dedication to serving others, making her an inspirational figure for believers around the world. As the patron saint of homemakers, cooks, and servants, her presence brings comfort and guidance to those who call upon her intercession.

Ideal for home altars, churches, or as a thoughtful gift, this Saint Martha statue serves as a powerful symbol of faith and spiritual strength. Invite Saint Martha into your life and embrace her enduring wisdom and compassion.

Saint Martha Statue 12"
Saint Martha Statue 12" Sale price$69.95