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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Bracelet

Sale price$19.95

Wear the Saint Michael (San Miguel) Bracelet to draw strength, courage, and protection. Saint Michael, revered for his bravery in defeating Satan, serves as a symbol of courage and inspiration. This bracelet features a pendant adorned with the image of St. Michael, offering a tangible connection to his powerful presence. Crafted in luxurious 14K gold plating, this bracelet is suitable for both men and women, with its adjustable one-size-fits-all design ensuring comfort for all wearers. Each bracelet includes a heartfelt prayer to Saint Michael in both English and Spanish, serving as a beacon of hope and protection in challenging or fearful situations. Embrace the power of faith with the Saint Michael Bracelet by your side.

Saint Michael (San Miguel) Bracelet
Saint Michael (San Miguel) Bracelet Sale price$19.95