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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Perfume

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Experience the power and protection of Archangel Michael with our Saint Michael (San Miguel) Perfume. This fragrance carries a fresh scent that is meant to evoke the presence and guidance of Archangel Michael, providing you with protection against all forms of negativity.

To maximize the benefits of the Saint Michael perfume, it is recommended to set your intention before use. Take a moment to visualize yourself surrounded by the protective energy of Saint Michael and ask for his assistance in the situation you are facing.

Gently shake the 1 oz glass bottle of Saint Michael perfume to ensure its contents are well-mixed. Then, apply a small amount to your pulse points such as your wrists, neck, or behind your ears. Alternatively, you can also apply a small amount to your palms and inhale deeply to immerse yourself in the fragrance.

After applying the perfume, take a few moments to pray or meditate on your intention, once again visualizing the protective presence of Saint Michael. Feel the strength and guidance he provides.

You can use the Saint Michael perfume as frequently as you feel necessary. Some individuals incorporate it into their daily spiritual practice, while others reserve its use for specific situations when they require additional support and protection.

Saint Michael (San Miguel) Perfume
Saint Michael (San Miguel) Perfume Sale price$6.95