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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Statue 15"

Sale price$89.95

Invoke the protective presence of Saint Michael (San Miguel) with our 15-inch resin statue. Versatile for various spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, this statue embodies Saint Michael's role as a symbol of faith and protection.

Strategically place the statue in areas where you seek added protection, such as near entryways or spaces frequented daily. Its presence serves as a visual reminder of Saint Michael's steadfast guardianship, fostering a sense of security and grounding.

Recite the powerful Saint Michael Prayer while in the presence of the statue to center your thoughts and intentions, inviting Saint Michael's divine intervention and guidance in your life.

Elevate your spiritual practice with the Saint Michael Statue, a steadfast beacon of protection and faith.

Saint Michael (San Miguel) Statue 15"
Saint Michael (San Miguel) Statue 15" Sale price$89.95