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Saint Michael (San Miguel) Statue 8"

Sale price$49.95

This 8" Resin Statue of Saint Michael (San Miguel) embodies his role as a defender against adversity and evil forces. With outstretched wings, gleaming armor, and a poised stance, Saint Michael exudes unwavering vigilance.

Perfect for your altar, home, or office, this beautifully crafted statue also makes a thoughtful gift. Saint Michael is revered in various religious traditions and is called upon for protection, guidance, and assistance in many areas of life.

Saint Michael is the patron saint of police officers and law enforcement officials, soldiers and military personnel, as well as those seeking healing, spiritual protection, guidance, and strength in times of struggle. Associated with justice, he is also prayed to for assistance in legal matters.

Saint Michael (San Miguel) Statue 8"
Saint Michael (San Miguel) Statue 8" Sale price$49.95