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Saint Santiago Statue 5 "

Sale price$39.95

The 5" Resin Statue of Saint Santiago encapsulates a rich spiritual history. Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob (Ya’akov), Santiago, also known as San Iago, San Tiago, Santyago, Sant-Yago, San Thiago, initially honored Saint James the Great, brother of John the Apostle. Legend holds that Saint James, or Santiago, journeyed to the Iberian Peninsula during his lifetime and was laid to rest there. This Spanish name, with variations like Jaime and Jacobo, carries profound significance, reflecting centuries of reverence and devotion. Crafted with intricate detail, this statue beautifully captures the essence of Saint Santiago, making it a meaningful addition to any collection.

Saint Santiago Statue 5 "
Saint Santiago Statue 5 " Sale price$39.95