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San Simón Statue 12"

Sale price$59.95

The 12-inch San Simón Resin Statue is meticulously crafted from high-quality, durable resin, ensuring its detailed features and radiant finish endure for years to come. This figure embodies the distinctive traditional attire of San Simón, complete with colorful clothing, hat, and cigar, capturing the unique charm of this celebrated figure.

San Simón, also known as Maximón or Mam, holds significant cultural and spiritual importance in Mexico, certain areas of Guatemala, and other Central American countries. While views on San Simón vary, many people turn to him for help, seeking his protection, success, or solutions to difficult problems.

Known for representing both the complexities of life, some may pray to San Simón in situations where societal or religious norms don't provide clear guidance. Those who seek his assistance often offer gifts such as alcohol, tobacco, or money as part of a reciprocal exchange, asking for his aid in return.