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Sea Salt

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Sea salt is a potent tool in protective magic, offering purifying and cleansing properties. It is commonly used in various rituals and spells to cleanse spaces, objects, and even people. To purify a room or object, one can sprinkle sea salt around the area, or mix it with water to create a cleansing solution for bathing or sprinkling on oneself. Sea salt is also effective in creating protective barriers by sprinkling it around the perimeter of a property, placing bowls of salt in strategic locations, or carrying a small bag for personal protection. Additionally, it can be used in banishing spells to remove negative energy or entities, or to enhance the power of other spells and rituals by adding a pinch of sea salt to increase their potency. Available in 2 oz or 1 lb bags. Sea salt is also suitable for cleansing and purifying crystals and scrying mirrors.

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Sea Salt Sale price$9.99