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Silver Magnetic Sand

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Magnetic sand is a powerful tool in magic and has been used for centuries to attract good luck, prosperity, and love. It is often used in conjunction with other materials to enhance its power, such as lodestones, oils, and herbs.

One popular use of magnetic sand is to create a money-drawing charm or talisman. To do this, mix the sand with cinnamon, chamomile, or other herbs associated with abundance and success. Then, anoint a lodestone with an oil like cinnamon or patchouli and roll it in the mixture. Carry the lodestone with you in a green or gold pouch to attract wealth and good fortune.

Magnetic sand can also be added to incense or sprinkled on candles during ritual work to increase their potency. You can even create a circle of magnetic sand around your altar to amplify the energy and attract your desired outcome.

Overall, magnetic sand is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to help manifest your intentions and attract positive energy.

  • Available in 2oz or 1lb Bags
Silver Magnetic Sand Check My Vibes
Silver Magnetic Sand Sale price$4.95