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Steady Work Oil

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Introducing Steady Work Oil – a spiritual tool designed to help you find and maintain steady employment. This handmade oil is crafted with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils known for their ability to promote prosperity and stability, making it a valuable addition to your spiritual practice.

Steady Work Oil can be used in many ways to help you achieve your career goals. You can anoint candles or yourself during meditation or prayer to enhance focus and attract positive energy. You can also use it to dress petitions, resumes, or job applications, increasing your chances of success.

This oil is designed to help you overcome obstacles and barriers that may be hindering your employment or career advancement. Whether you're facing a challenging job market or personal difficulties, Steady Work Oil can help you stay focused and determined to achieve your goals.

Experience the power of Steady Work Oil for yourself and start manifesting the career of your dreams. Incorporate it into your spiritual practice daily, and let its potent blend of herbs and oils work for you, bringing you stability, prosperity, and success.

  • Available in 6 sizes.
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Steady Work Oil Sale price$7.95