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Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls

Sale price$8.95

Experience effortless incense burning with Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls, renowned for their reliable self-igniting design and long-lasting burn. These high-performance charcoal tablets are ideal for igniting resin, incense, herbal powders, or dried herbs, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted aromatherapy session.

Using Swift Lite Charcoal is straightforward:

1. Prepare your incense burner: Position your burner on a heat-resistant surface.

2. Light the charcoal: Ignite one corner of the charcoal tablet using a lighter or match, ensuring it catches fire evenly.

3. Place the lit charcoal in the burner: Carefully position the ignited charcoal in the center of your incense burner.

4. Add incense: Once the charcoal heats up, sprinkle a small amount of incense onto it. Adjust the quantity to control the intensity of the aroma.

5. Enjoy the aroma: As the incense begins to burn, delight in the pleasant fragrance and adjust as desired.

Each roll contains 10 discs, available in a single roll or a box of 10 rolls, with a diameter of 40mm. With Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls, elevate your aromatherapy experience effortlessly and indulge in the soothing scents of your favorite incense.

Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls
Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls Sale price$8.95