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Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls

Sale price$8.95

Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls offer an exceptional solution for igniting various aromatic substances effortlessly. Crafted to perfection, these self-igniting charcoal tablets ensure prolonged and consistent burning, guaranteeing uninterrupted enjoyment of your aromatherapy rituals.

To utilize Swift Lite Charcoal effectively:

1. Set up your incense burner on a surface resistant to heat, such as ceramic or a trivet.
2. Ignite the charcoal tablet by lighting one corner using a match or lighter. Allow a few minutes for ignition, ensuring thorough burning.
3. Place the lit charcoal in the center of your incense burner with caution.
4. Once the charcoal reaches optimal temperature, sprinkle a modest amount of your chosen incense onto it. Exercise restraint to avoid overwhelming the burner.
5. Revel in the delightful aroma as the incense begins to diffuse. Adjust the intensity by adding or reducing the incense as preferred.

Each roll comprises 10 discs of Swift Lite Charcoal, measuring 40mm in diameter, providing convenience and longevity to your aromatic experiences. Available in options of 1 Roll or 1 Box containing 10 Rolls.

Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls
Swift Lite Charcoal Rolls Sale price$8.95