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Turquoise Adjustable Bracelet

Sale price$19.95

Adorn yourself with the tranquil aura of our Turquoise Adjustable Bracelet, crafted to cleanse and harmonize your chakras while fostering a sense of inner peace. Known for its purifying properties, turquoise stabilizes moods and instills a profound sense of calmness. Slip on our stretch bracelet adorned with beautiful round bead turquoise stones, each measuring about 10mm in diameter and polished to perfection. This bracelet, approximately 6" in length and crafted on a stretchy cord, offers a comfortable fit for all. Let turquoise enhance your psychic abilities and serve as a protective shield against negative energies, guiding you on a path of serenity and spiritual balance.

Turquoise Adjustable Bracelet
Turquoise Adjustable Bracelet Sale price$19.95