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Unlock Soap

Sale price$9.99

Experience the transformative power of Unlock Soap, designed to eliminate negative influences, provide protection, and enhance feelings of love. This glycerin soap features a creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Unlock Soap is specifically crafted to help remove negative energies and influences from your life. It also serves as a protective barrier against further negativity. In addition, this soap is infused with properties that promote love, fostering an environment of affection and connection.

Each bar of Unlock Soap comes with an amulet and a prayer card in both English and Spanish, adding to its spiritual significance. With a weight of 3.5 ounces, this soap is suitable for use by anyone, regardless of gender. Indulge in its benefits and unlock a renewed sense of positivity and love in your life.

Unlock Soap
Unlock Soap Sale price$9.99