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White Sage Leaves

Sale price$9.95

Experience the sacred power of White Sage Leaves, revered for their potent spiritual properties and versatile applications in rituals and ceremonies.

Whether you're performing a smudging ritual to purify and cleanse your space, seeking clarity and calmness during meditation, or carrying them as a protective amulet, our White Sage Leaves are the perfect choice. 

Use them to smudge your new home or office, removing negative energies and infusing the space with peace and positivity. Harness their healing energy during rituals aimed at promoting physical and emotional well-being. Incorporate them into spiritual ceremonies to bestow blessings and invite positive energy.

Available in quantities of 1oz, 1/2lb, and 1lb, our White Sage Leaves offer you a sacred tool to enhance your spiritual journey and connect with the divine.

White Sage Leaves
White Sage Leaves Sale price$9.95