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Yemaya Car Statue

Sale price$32.95

The 5-inch Yemaya Car Statue embodies the essence of the revered Orisha known as Yemaya, who holds the title of the queen of the sea and the orisha of motherhood. Yemaya is revered as the mother of all living things and the owner of all waters.

Ideal for placement on your car's dashboard, this statue serves as a symbol of protection and nurturing energy during your travels. Invoke the presence of Yemaya by displaying this car statue with reverence, allowing her maternal wisdom and guidance to accompany you on your journey. As the guardian of the seas and the embodiment of maternal love, Yemaya offers blessings of protection, nurturing, and emotional support wherever you may go.

Yemaya Car Statue
Yemaya Car Statue Sale price$32.95