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Yemaya Oil

Sale price$7.95

This oil is designed to help you invoke the strength and energy of the powerful Orisha Yemaya. You can use it by applying it to your body or using it to dress our 7 Day Yemaya candle.

Yemaya is a revered goddess in the Yoruba religion and is associated with the ocean, motherhood, and fertility. She is known for her strength, compassion, and nurturing nature. By using this oil, you can connect with her energy and draw on her power to help you in your endeavors.

To use this oil, simply apply it to your body or dress your 7 Day Yemaya candle with it before lighting. As you do so, focus your intention on your desired outcome and visualize Yemaya's strength and energy helping you achieve your goal. Allow the energy of the oil and the candle to fill you with the power you need to succeed.

  • Available in 6 sizes.
Yemaya Oil Check My Vibes
Yemaya Oil Sale price$7.95